‘Tis the season for cookies (and baking with your kids)

‘Tis the season for Christmas cookies!  I have such fond memories of baking christmas cookies with my mom when I was younger….cornflake wreaths, peanut butter kisses (my favorite!), cutout cookies and many more!  I’ve been trying to continue the tradition with my kids but to be honest, baking with kids is sometimes….HARD.  According to my Grandma, its over-rated.😉

I love baking so I’ve developed a few tricks to ensure a successful baking adventure – keep in mind, my kids are 1 and 3 years old.

1. Use your biggest bowl to mix the ingredients.  My kids love to mix but in a normal size bowl, most of the ingredients end up on the counter, floor, and kid.

2. If your biggest bowl is not big enough, put down a couple pieces of wax paper on the counter so you can just put the spilled ingredients back in the bowl.

3. Give your kids a special job at which they can be successful.  Both of my kids are expert “hershey kiss unwrappers” – could that be an official job title someday?  They take their job so seriously and its really cute to see them so focused.

4. Give them their own bowl with a small scoop of flour or a couple of other ingredients for them to mix along side you.

5. When all else fails – WINE.  Trust me, a glass of wine really helps.  Just to clarify, the wine is for you, not your toddler.


This Christmas season, my kids and I made some old favorites and tried some new ones.

Oldies, but goodies….

Peanut Butter kisses: These are my all-time favorite cookies.  I’ve tried many different recipes and my favorite is this one from allrecipes.com.  I roll the dough in a ball and then roll the ball in sugar before baking.  I top each cookie with a hershey kiss (that my kids so expertly unwrapped!) and pop it back in the oven for a few seconds. 

Snowballs:  These are basically a pecan shortbread cookie, wrapped around a hershey kiss and baked.  While still warm, its rolled in powered sugar.


Our new favorites…

Gingerbread cookies:  This was Isabella’s number one cookie request.  My grandma used to make amazing gingerbread cookies.  I’ve decided that cutout cookies are not my thing. We made a few batches as cutout cookies so my kids had something to decorate. I rolled the other half into balls and then sugar before baking and some got a cream cheese frosting.  Soft, chewy and delicious!  These will definitely be added to the rotation

Snickerdoodles:  I’ve always loved these cookies but never made them.  Yum!

Salted Caramel Shortbread:  I usually make shortbread with lemon-infused sugar.  This year, I decided to try a variation I saw on Pinterest.  Mine are not very pretty (check out how they are supposed to look here!) but they are yummy.  I’m sending them to my Dad.   We’ll see what he thinks.

What tips do you have for baking with your kids?  What are your favorite cookie recipes?  Link up your tips and favorites in the comments.  Merry Christmas!

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